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Tempt Powder Paint
Customize your jigheads with a high quality gloss coating!
Tempt Balance Beam
Perfect for making quick, accurate culls, anodized aluminium
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Ardent Smart Cull Kit
The Ardent SmartCull system is first of its kind and is what every tournament angler is looking for!
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Ardent SmarterCull
SmarterCullTM combines the Ardent SmartCull Culling System and Smart Clips into one convenient package and features Ardent's industry-best 6-ball 2-stage culling balls with non-piercing Smart Clips minimizing the risk of injury and infection to fish, increasing their survival rate.
Ardent Digital Scales
The Ardent  Digital Scale is a must have for any tournament angler, super accurate with simple functions!
Tempt Fluid Bed
for the perfect powder coat finish!
Tempt Flake Pack (4pack)
Add a top coat to the existing Tempt colour rang for some extra bling and sparkle! 4 colours Gold,Red,Silver and Purple.
4 x 20g jars
Ardent Lubrication Pack
Reel maintenance at its best! a 3 product pack, look after your reels and they will look after you! 100% Synthetic!


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